Initiative News

Healthcare Georgia Foundation is now Georgia Health Initiative!

kristy davis CEO

We’ve got some exciting news to share: Healthcare Georgia Foundation is now Georgia Health Initiative! After more than a year spent listening to our partners across the state, considering what it means to stand for equity, and connecting the dots between what Georgia needs and the roles we can play, we are pleased to be taking another step on our journey under this new banner. 

We are proud of our first 22 years of work as Healthcare Georgia Foundation. We were born of people standing up to systems to ensure that all Georgians can achieve their fullest potential for health. Today, we are ready for our work and our role to evolve, ready to bring a refreshed approach to our vision of a Georgia in which all people have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential for health. In everything, we are guided by our new mission: To inspire and promote collective action that advances health equity for all Georgians. 

Georgia Health Initiative gif

Our new brand is built upon three key attributes that we hope also show up in our work, and in our partnerships: 

  • First, we are an Initiative–we chose that word deliberately. Initiative means movement, energy, and drive, and it is our goal to bring those qualities to the great work already happening in our state, as well as to new ideas and approaches that we will co-create with our partners. We are grateful for our beginnings as the Foundation; a foundation is a great underpinning, a solid beginning, a deep support on which to build.    
  • The second is community. We are declaring ourselves as proud members of #TeamPossible–the community of solution-seekers working for a better Georgia. We want to be connectors, teammates, and partners alongside all of you and anyone committed to the future Georgians deserve.    
  • And finally, joy. We are not naïve to the problems Georgia faces, but that’s not where we want to focus. Where others might see roadblocks and obstacles, we see possibilities to work in partnership with Georgians toward a joyful future. We believe that work done with joy and happiness and heart creates futures that center joy and happiness and heart. We pledge to infuse joy in our interactions and bring our hearts to this work.   

A lot has changed since our first grants were made in 2002, and much has stayed the same. We are still working for Georgians, for all Georgians.   

Some of this work has already begun. If you’ve been following us, you know that we recently released a request for proposals for Health Advocacy projects, to a strong response. We’re looking forward to investing more than $1M in projects brought forth by the community. This is the first of many programmatic strategies to come, each introduced after staff has worked with community partners to understand where we can best add value. There’s so much more good work to be done, and we are ready for it. As we steady ourselves on the foundation of almost 25 years of community partnerships and good work, we are leaning into becoming a more active collaborator and catalyst. Please look forward to continued partnership as we co-create the Georgia we all deserve.

Watch our brand video for more on the evolution of our vision.