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Our Shared Goal

So much is possible in Georgia, even in light of urgent health issues, like improving health for Black mothers and babies, rural health disparities, health outcomes for chronic conditions that vary dramatically by zip code, and access to high quality affordable insurance coverage. Where some may see roadblocks we see nothing but opportunities to work in partnership toward a better future.


Georgia’s state rank for health based on cost, access and outcomes

Our Vision

A Georgia in which all people have the opportunity to attain their fullest potential for health

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A Collective Approach to Improving Health

We believe the best ideas emerge when diverse groups of people, genuinely committed to a different future, come together with humility to work toward change. Our collective approach brings together interconnected organizations, services, and people to advance new ideas and invite new hope, as we address the complex issues that create or perpetuate health iniquities.

As a nonpartisan, independent organization with a mission to advance health equity, we focus on inspiring and promoting action that changes systems. Ultimately, relationships are at the heart of our work. Through relationships we are building a community of solution-seekers who are coming together to co-create different systems in Georgia, systems that work for all of us.

We invite the input, insights, and collaboration of nonprofit organizations, healthcare providers, the philanthropic sector, policymakers, and the business community. Together, we can ask the big questions, change systems, advance big ideas and improve health for all people in our state.

…changing inequitable systems requires that decision-makers understand the most pressing issues facing their communities.

Cindy Zeldin

We understand the change that can be made by doing the small things well.

Samantha Beasley

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Projected Economic Growth from Medicaid Expansion

Our new Issue Brief highlights key findings on the economic benefit of Medicaid expansion across business sectors and in every region of the state. The findings are informed by an economic impact study we commissioned in late 2023, which projects that Medicaid expansion could spur job creation, grow our state economy, and increase Georgians’ personal income across the state. 



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Additional Resources

The following resources are offered to educate and expand the knowledge base around affordable, high-quality health insurance.