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Issue Brief: “Georgia’s Projected Economic Growth from Medicaid Expansion”

Georgia is one of only 10 states that has yet to expand Medicaid coverage. As a result, our state has high rates of uninsurance, particularly among people with lower incomes who don’t have access to other forms of health coverage. It is well-documented that closing this coverage gap would lower uninsured rates and improve access to vital healthcare services.

New research shows that closing the coverage gap through Medicaid expansion would catalyze economic growth in Georgia and spur the creation of more than 51,000 new jobs, on average, over the first three years of implementation.

As part of Georgia Health Initiative’s ongoing commitment to provide trusted and timely data and research to inform policy decisions that affect all Georgians, in November 2023 we commissioned Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) to perform a state- and county- level economic impact analysis of expanding Medicaid in Georgia. REMI’s report findings point to substantial growth across Georgia’s diverse economy, with job gains in a wide range of business sectors and occupations, including doctors and nurses, pharmacists, office workers, waiters, and construction workers, among others.

Some of the key findings that emerged from REMI’s report are highlighted in our latest Issue Brief. As statewide conversations around health coverage and access to care take place, it is critical that timely data and analysis are available and considered. 

Download the Issue Brief here. 

Download REMI’s report here.