The Two Georgias Initiative

Creating a sustainable model to improve health
outcomes, economic access, and opportunity
in rural communities

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There Are Two Georgias

Depending on your ZIP code in Georgia, you could either have a wide variety of doctors and hospitals available within driving distance, or you could be located hours away from medical help. You could have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, or you could be in a food desert. Geography shouldn’t play such a pivotal role in your health, but that’s the painful reality for some Georgians.

The Two Georgias Initiative evolved out of the growing awareness of the deep divide between urban centers and rural communities when it comes to health and wellness resources, information, and access.

Through this work, people created change in their local communities. Together, they formed coalitions, embraced equity, identified needs and overcame obstacles. In turn, these 11 rural communities have created a roadmap for improving health outcomes in Georgia and beyond and have created partnerships and programs that will leave a lasting legacy.

We invite you to learn more about this work by watching the overview film, exploring video stories about each of the 11 communities and reading Journey Toward Equity–our in-depth primer on the Two Georgias Initiative.

Watch the Overview Film
two georgias initiative
two georgias initiative
two georgias initiative

A Journey Toward Equity

This primer chronicles the story of the Two Georgias Initiative: from the Initiative’s origins to the challenges and opportunities faced by the 11 communities, the lessons learned and the new, hopeful visions for health. Along the way, you’ll meet the people who faced their own preconceived notions about philanthropy, collaboration, and equity to create lasting change in their own communities.

Download the Primer
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Additional Resources

Stay up to date with our downloadable resources to learn more.

Download Philanthropy Southeast Report here.

Download Health Equity Assessment here.

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